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Bull Industry has been specializing inbrake system for over 15 years, from making brake pads and brake linings by ourown factory since 2001, to providing one stop solution for brake system, we areevolving and growing. Right now, we are able to provide turnkey project servicefor Car Brake Pads Production Line, Commercial Vehicle Brake PadsProduction Line, Commercial Vehicle Brake Lining Production Line, Steel BackingPlate Production Line, Brake Shoe Production Line as well as Brake shoe IronProduction Line......

With the development of economicglobalization, more and more countries and their governments, in SouthAmerica, Africa, Mid-east as well as many other areas, are encouraging andprotecting local economy and auto-parts industry. Thistrend already affects and even changes the form oftraditional international trading. We always realize in advance.China, with its mature auto-parts market and relatively advance technologyand equipment, is becoming more and more popular in the field of turnkeyprojects and contract projects.

"Turnkey" derived from"turning the key to start up an engine", means that it is easily tooperate complicated machines or equipment when you switch on. Bull Industry “TURN-KEYPROJECT” guarantees quality from the whole process to the final products, fromsuch as1) Plant Layout Design, 2) Facility Providing & Setting, 3) EngineersDispatch & Equipment Commissioning, 4) Staff Training & Technical Supporting,5) Raw Materials & Production Materials Supply, to 6) Factory Managementand 7) Machines Maintenance, enable your factory to realize high qualityand reliability in short period of time. Correspondence to the yourdemands, rationalized system, and large cost reduction can be realized bysupporting management of the whole process from planning to operation. Thatis what we are doing now and we will adjust our cooperationforms regularly according to the market needs.

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