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Brake Pad Gluing Machine(BL-500-SGM)

Brake Pad Gluing Machine(BL-500-SGM)
Brake Pad Gluing Machine(BL-500-SGM)Brake Pad Gluing Machine(BL-500-SGM)
group name
Car Brake Pads Production Lines
Min Order
1 piece
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Nearest port for product export
Ningbo, Shanghai
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Acceptable payment methods
T/T, L/C, MoneyGram, Westem Union, Cash
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Have the independent export and import right
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Mon, 07 Dec 2015 14:27:04 GMT


  • Dc Servo Motor 1.5KW

  • Conveyor Controls 0.1-8m/S

  • Length Of Conveyor 2.5 Meters

  • Width Of Water Room 1000 Mm

  • Total Length Of Drying Tunnel 12 Meters

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


It Can Glue And Dry Brake Pad Back Plates At The Same Time,So It Will Save The Time For Brake Pads Production.


I.Technical Specifications:

I Spray Adhesive System The Machine Adopts Water Separate Room, Conveyor, And 1.5 KW Dc Servo Motor, Touch Screen Control, Pneumatic System.
The Steel Back Is Put On The Custom Spray Adhesive Tablets By Workers, Automatically Sent To Spray Adhesive By Conveyor, Automatically Put In The Spray Adhesive And Then Into The Oven To Dry, And Cool.

1.Conveyor Controls The Velocity (0.1-8m/S) By Using Motor And Transmission Frequency Converter.
2.Gun Movement Adopts Dc Servo Motor, Velocity (0.1-80000mm/S), Adjustable, Stroke (0-700mm), Adjustable.
3.Conveyor Adopts Double Row Of Chain, There Is A Molding On The Top (To Prevent The Chain Flanging), Tie Rod Was Not Used In The Middle (Don’t Have To Be Cleaned). The Length Of Conveyor Is 2.5 Meters.
4. There Is A Spray Rubber Room At The Bottom Of The Rubber Plate, And Spray Rubber Room Can Be Used To Recycle Some Glue (After Dilute Analysis Filter, Waste Rubber Can Be Used Again), Which Can Reduce The Loss Of Glue.
5.Integral Water (Split Type Water Room), The Width Of Water Room Is About 1000 Mm.
6.The Schneider Contactor Of Heating Appliances Adopts Imported Brand Schneider.
7.Gun Adopt Japan Iwata Automatic Gun, Pump Adopts Digital Display Is Adjustable, Adjustable Flow, The Thickness Of The Glue Can Be Adjusted From 0.05mm-0.2mm, The Thickness Error Of Every Spray Adhesive Of Steel Back Is Within 0.05 Mm.
8.Drying System: Total Length Of Drying Tunnel Is 12 Meters. Each Paragraph Can Open Automatically, Easy To Repair And Replace The Heating Pipe. Drying Tunnel, Stainless Steel Mesh Belt Conveyor Belt, Frequency Conversion Motor And Gearbox Infinitely Adjustable-Speed, Five Period Of Temperature Control Zone, Heat Pipe Heating Power Is 50 Kw, The Highest Temperature Design 200 Degrees Celsius. Electric Heating Tube Is Made Of Stainless Steel And Heat Sink 1200 W Per Root, 10 Cycle Motor, And 4 Vents.
II Cooling System After Dry Solid System, Products Are Put Into The Air, And Cooled To Below 80 Degrees Celsius.
Cooling Fan Adopts Two 2.2 KW Induced Draft Fan, Using The Strong Wind, And The Wind Forces The Back Plate To Be Cool, So That It Can Be Packed Immediately. Cooling Channel Transmission Adopts Frequency Conversion Motor And Gearbox Infinitely Adjustable-Speed, Imported Electrical Appliances, The Cooling Conveyor Belt Is Made Of Stainless Steel Mesh Belt Length Of 5 Meters
III. Outlets And Inlets Adopt Unpowered Roller Table So That It Is Easy For Employees To Operate.
IV. 1.The Whole Length Of Line Is 20.9 Meters, Total Power Is 68 Kw, The Capacity Is Around 3000 Pieces Per Hour. The Body Color Can Be Decided By The Buyer, And Painting Is The Wrinkles From Dry Paint.
2.Machine Feet Are Made Of Steel And The Its Foot Cups Can Be Adjustable, Diameter Of Electric Heating Tube Is 18mm, Stainless Steel, Heat Sink, 18 Pcs, U Tube.
3.Three 1.5 KW Invertors, Gearbox, And Motor.
4.One Set Power Distribution Cabinet, 800*1700 Mm, One Set 1.5 KW DC Servo Motor, And One Set Power Distribution Cabinet With Touch Screen.
5.10 Sets Circulation Fan, One Set No.5 Induced Draft Fan, One Set Circulating Water Pumps, 2 Sets 2.2 KW6 Cooling Machine.
6.One Set Spray Gun, Glue Supply Pump And Watering Can.
7.Two Sets In And Out Unpowered Workbench, Not Including Spray Adhesive Tablets And Revolving Cars 8.So Equipment Is Designed With The Frequency Of 60 And Voltage Of 220V,With Three-Phase Five Little System.